Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009 Still Grand Blanc, MI

And to think - last year at this time we were writing about our Florida adventures and travels. Only two and a half weeks and we will be on the road again. Taking the Montana Monday to get the wheel bearings packed and the rig cleaned and readied for our travels. Carol has been joining me as I learn about and practice Geocaching. We look forward to doing this as we travel. We like to spend as much time as possible away from the beaten path and this will open more doors to new adventures and locations. We have even discovered new places around here looking for hidden caches. We will probably return home sometime in June. At the end of July, we are meeting a group of fellow Montana owners at a campground in Mackinaw City for a few days. We are then traveling on into the Upper Penninsula for another week or so with another couple who have a Montana too. I am not planning on working as Ranger Jim this year. It was nice for last year but this year, hopefully, we can do some camping with more of our grandchildren. One of our earlier stops on our next journey is Kansas City. Friends of ours in KC just posted that they just got four inches of new snow, wind and that there is more on the way. Hopefully this will all take a "poof pill" before we get there and be gone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009 Grand Blanc, MI

Got the truck brought up to speed today for our trip. Maybe next we will have the Montana checked and readied to travel. Go the tax info together and take it to the accountant tomorrow. Now, to get the condo spring "rehabbed" and ready for us to leave it for a couple of months. Rehabbing means that I have to get to the cleaning and arranging that I have put off all winter. COMEONMIDAPRIL!!!