Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carol's dad back in the hospital

Carol's dad was taken from the Assisted Living apartment to the hospital on Friday when his blood work came back looking very bad. His white blood cells were rising rapidly and he was to get another transfusion. They also discoverd that the reason for swelling in his leg was that he had a blood clot. Today, his white cell count was higher still. We were advised today that the next couple of days were to be very critical. He continues to be frustrated because of his sudden hearing loss he suffered a few weeks ago. We use a chalk board to try to keep him informed about conversations being carried on around him. This seems to calm him somewhat. All we can do now is continue to love him and pray for him.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carol's dad update #2

We just got home from a meeting with Carol's dad, sister Marlene and us with his Oncologist. He took his Citoxin (sp) for a week and, while some aspects are still even, the white cells with the "bad gunk/cancer" have expanded. His treatment by pills is still not as severe as if it were injected into him but will be slowly increased for three weeks along with a few days of steroids and we go back in three weeks to see how it is working. The doctor said that the cancer is now at Stage IV, which I believe is not good. Dad is tired all the time and very frustrated after losing his hearing. At meetings, I try to keep him informed about what is being said because he is so frustrated because he knows he is being talked about but does not know what is being said. I can get him smiling upon occasion and at least once a visit he tells me "Don't get flippant!" so he is diverted a little. Any time we see him smile it is good for us all. Thank you God for the blessings you have heaped on Dad up to now and we know will be continued.