Saturday, August 20, 2011

On turning 71

     I just turned 71 last Thursday and the question of the day is "What will the next 71 be like?" I do not wish to go back into my past but do hope and pray that I may learn from it so that, however far I can make it into the next 71, I can keep a good quality of life. The first 36 had been controlled by a power and force much stronger and bigger that me, my drinking. As soon as I believed and accepted this, another power and force took over - belief in God as I understood Him. I had beaten and been beaten, shot and been shot, dumped on and been dumped on, ignored and been ignored, hated and been hated and loved and been loved. Near the 40 year mark, my marriage to Carol gave my life another kick start. It has been a progression since then to my feeling that I now have a life that money can not buy. To my family that stayed nearby, thank you so much. To the family that has been extended since my marriage to Carol, thank you for making a good life even better. 
     What will the next 71 bring? The answer to that is totally out of my control but, with what has happened since my last drink on September 20, 1976, my life seems like a large balloon, just expanding all the time with no signs of letting up at all. It has been a heck of a ride so far and all I can say is "You are welcome to join me so come on aboard, if you wish, but HANG ON!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunshine is almost a certified Therapy Dog

Sunshine has passed all of her tests and observations and her paperwork has been sent in. We are eagerly awaiting the mail delivery that will bring her certificate naming her a Certified Therapy Dog. Carol and I both tested and were observed with her and either will be able to work as a therapy team with Sushine. Hopefully by the end of next week we will be good to go. She has brought so much sunlight into our lives that we only hope to share this with people who really want and need this type of interaction. We are really getting antsy to get started.