Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goshen, IN to Pentwater, MI - Great sunset!

Yesterday, we left the Goshen Fairgrounds campground and, after stopping at the Keystone Service Center for some minor tweeks to our Montana, moved up to Pentwater, MI, the Mears State Park campground. We are camped right on Lake Michigan. Having grown up (I know that there are some who dispute this) along Lake Michigan, I found that I really missed the lake and it's beautiful sunsets. As the sun began to fall, Jim Schlee took off ahead of us with Sunshine and headed to the pier. What a spectacular show we got when the sun sank into the horizon! We will be here until Monday morning and then will return to SE Michigan. This has been a very good journey and it is being capped by a stay in a wonderful, small town along the Big Lake.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double Rainbow, Good Omen?

Last night, during the pot luck dinner,the sky suddenly darkened in the southwest and a big, beautiful double rainbow formed. It was difficult photographing the second rainbow but, if you look hard enough, you will find it just to the right of the main arc. That was a wondereful capper to another great day at the MOC Rally. Tonight is the final night. We are preparing to go the ice cream social and tomorrow morning we will stop at the service center and get a few minor adjustments done and then it will be on to Mears State Park in Pentwater, MI, on Lake Michigan, for a few days with Bev and Jim Schlee. Probably be home next week sometime.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MOC Fall Rally Campground

We are having a great time at the 2010 MOC Fall Rally in Goshen, IN. The Montana Service Center took care of some minor issues in our RV and then we moved on to the campground. This campground is located on the Elkhart County Fairgrounds and is a nice park. We have full hookups and there are, I believe, 86 Montanas in attendance. It is beautiful seeing several streets in this park filled with Montanas and Big Skys. We have met some great new people and renewed friendships with old friends. The seminars are full of info and the food is great - well, you know how RVers eat! Last night, we went to a Mennonite Restaurant/ shops for window shopping and dinner. They sure know how to cook! This morning, we manned the griddles and flipped pancakes for the Pancake Breakfast. A great way to spend the morning! We will be here until Wednesday and then we will move up to Pentwater, alongside Lake Michigan for a few days before returning home. Looks like our next journey will be about January 3, when we leave for Florida.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We start tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow we pull the Monty out of storage and set up at Waldenwoods in Hartland, MI. We will load it up while camping there and then Wednesday it is off to Goshen, IN for our annual Montana Owners Club Rally. Today was a busy day with Sunshine. We started out at the dog park in Frankenmuth and then to the Octoberfest Greyhound Meet and Greet, also in Frankenmuth. Many interested people stopped by and, after gazing into Sunshine's and the other Greyhounds' eyes, several were very interested in adopting one for themselves. I hope some do. The tracks are still sending out large numbers of retired racers and hopefully they all can find their forever home. Sunshine then talked me into one more long walk, this time at the wooded trails at Genesys Hospital. She is now sleeping at Carol's feet and absorbing Carol's loving cooing and stroking with a smile.