Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grand Blanc, MI "Hitch Itch"

Getting a bad case of "Hitch Itch." Need to hook up the Montana and head out. Looks like the next trip will not be until late September when we go to Goshen, IN for the Montana Owners Rally. Will probably stretch that week out for another week or so and see where else we can get into trouble. The Ford Pick-Up is in the shop. The front end was messing up the tires and we discovered the ball joints were shot. Hope to get it back tomorrow. Still thinking of going to "Little Nashville" in Nashville, IN right after the rally. That sounds like another Renfro Valley type location. Getting the condo ready for interior repainting next week. Been too long between coats of paint. The birds are swarming around the feeder. All the natural feed in the woods here and they still come to Papa for their dining pleasure. Must be doing something right!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baraga to Wolverine to Davison, MI

Yesterday we traveled from Baraga to Wolverine, MI. We passed through Christmas, MI, near Munising, and saw Santa standing along side the road. We had to say "bye-bye" to Lake Superior and Grand Island as we passed through Munising. We camped on the Sturgeon River at the Sturgeon River Campground. Years ago, a Detroit TV weatherman, Sonny Elliot, when giving his report, would take a piece of the Upper Peninsula weather map and point to "Engadingadingadine" and point to a spot on the peninsula. We think of this each time we pass through this really small town, just north of Lake Michigan near Manistique. We were going to stop at St. Ignace for the night but, instead went on 40 more miles or so to Wolverine. We stayed at The Sturgeon River Campground, a PA park located right on the Sturgeon River. This is located near the largest Elk herd east of the Mississippi. We didn't see any elk this trip but have in the past. Beautiful and peaceful around here. The river is hypnotic. Today we made it to our home park, Lakeshore Campground in Davison, MI. We will unload the rig tomorrow and Thursday too, if the extra day is needed. Probably stay until Thursday anyway. The next planned trip will be to the MOC Fall Rally in Goshen, IN in late September. Maybe go to Nashville, IN, aka Little Nashville, with its Little Opry, when in the area. We hope to have a short jaunt or so between now and then but we'll see.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Munising to Baraga, MI

This morning, we traveled from Munising to the Ojibwa Casino Campground in Baraga. We didn't do much today but Carol did win a few bucks at the Casino tonight so I guess she's buying breakfast in the morning at The Hilltop Restaurant, home of the GIANT Cinnamon Bun. That will be our last day with Jim and Bev as we are heading toward home Monday morning and they will head on up to Copper Country for a few more days. We should be home again Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunken Ship Tour and Munising Falls

I had thought that I had been bitten by mosquitos at the Great Lakes MOC Rally last week and found out today that it was Poison Ivy. After the Walk-In Clinic Doctor prescribed some junk to use, we went on a tour of sunken ships in Lake Superior in a glass bottom boat. It was fantastic! The wrecks that we saw were 6-15 feet beneath the surface and, since Lake Superior is so clear, they were quite visible. We even saw a Bald Eagle on the top of a tree high over his aerie nest below him. An old lighthouse on the east side of Grand Island was pointed out to us, too. The rocky bluffs are similar to the Pictured Rocks just across the bay from the island. One of the sunken ships shows an anchor and the captain's comode and bathtub. Whodathunkit? We went to the Munising Falls on a whim and we are very happy that we did. They are tall and beautiful. We even saw some kids running under them. Bev and I were going to try it but, when we got near, we saw that the footing was not what I believed these 69 year old ankles could take to we left (to return another time?) A really full day. Tomorrow we are heading for Baraga, where there is another Casino/Campground. It is first come first serve there so we hope we can make it in time. If not, we will have to come up with a Plan B quickly. Sounds like another great adventure in the making!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brimley to Munising, MI

We left the casino campground in Brimley and took the short trip to Munising. We are camped at the Munising Tourist Campground on the shores of Lake Superior. This is a small park run by the City of Munising. Seems nice enough but Carol is missing the sewer hookups because she wants to do a few loads of wash. We'll have to settle with one load and then see about the next stop in a couple of days. We just set up and lazed today. This is the sunset as seen out of our dining room slide window. A perfect ending to a really nice day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whitefish Point and Upper and Lower Tahquamamonom Falls

Today we were very fortunate in that we were able to get to Whitefish Point and the Tahquamamonom Falls. It made for a long and tiring day but the effort was well worth it. The Lake Superior Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point was very informative and was our first stop. This point on Lake Superior has the last working lighthouse around. Here is a view of Canada and an island that the Edmund Fitzgerald was trying to make in 1975 before sinking just to the north of here in a horrific November storm. We talked with Bill Makki, who was on The Anderson, just ahead of the Fitzgerald and who had been in radio contact until the ill fated ship's radio went silent. We then went to The Lower Tahquamomonom Falls - gorgeous! Then on to The Upper Tahq Falls. This state park has a restaurant/micro-brewery so we stopped for lunch. Fascinating place with its micro-brews that the girls tried with huge grins on their faces. Mounted game trophies on the walls, too. We were able to get several angles of the fabulous Upper Tahquamonom Falls - Awesome! Lastly, here is our next RV if the Montana becomes too big for us! Tomorrow we travel to Munising in the area of The Pictured Rocks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brimley, MI and Soo Locks

Today we left the campground and went to Sault Ste Marie, the home of the Soo Locks. This is the Upper Peninsula and it was so windy and cool that even the snowballs (flowers) were turning blue/purple. A tour boat was in one of the locks. As the water was placed into the lock and the level raised, the boat was then able to go from the lower Lake Huron to the higher Lake Superior. A 1000 foot ore carrier, the Burns Harbor, was traveling east from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. This area was a rapids before the locks were built in the 1800s with the water flowing from the higher Superior to the lower Huron. This giant ship entered the lock, the water was lowered and then it went on into Lake Huron. Amazing to see all of this in action! Carol and I then with Bev and Jim Schlee to The Antlers - a novel restaurant on the east side of S.S. Marie. This place is stuffed with stuffed animals and antlers of all types. On top of the visual delights, the food is quite good, too. Tomorrow we hope to see the Tahquamenom Falls.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mackinaw City to Brimley, MI

Today was a travel day from Mackinaw City to Brimley, MI. There was no noticeable wind when we crossed the big bridge so it was a great journey. We only traveled a few miles on I-75 and then got off and took county roads to our campground at the Bay Mills Casino and RV Park. Michigan sure is beautiful. When we traveled in the west this spring, we found that we missed the trees of our home state. Today everything was lush and green all along our route. There were high clouds in the sunny sky and all made for a really nice trip. Traveling with us are two friends from the Montana Owners Club, Jim and Bev Schlee. That made the trip and the arrival even better. Tonight we ate at our RVs and then walked across the road to the Casino for a while. We are situated in a great position to see and do a lot with this Campground as a base - Sault Ste Marie is just 20 minutes away and Tehquamanon Falls is an hour or so away. Whitefish Point and its great lighthouse is an hour or so. We may just stay here for a while. The nice thing is that we do not have to make a decision right now - maybe tomorrow we will decide what we will do tomorrow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mackinaw Island

I have lived in Michigan for 69 years and Carol for just a few less and yesterday, for the first time, we went to Mackinaw Island. We have crossed OVER the Mackinaw Bridge many times but yesterday we took our first trip UNDER the bridge. When we were underneath we were where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron join. We again found The Bridge to Nowhere. The Grand Hotel on the Island looks very regal from the water while being shrouded in mist. Since there are no motor vehicles allowed on the island, the parking lots are all of the bicycle variety. Since there are so many horses, the island smells like I imagine the old cowboy towns smelled like. Don't think I will ever see another "oater" without thinking of this smell. Christen, our tour guide, steered her team of Andy and Bo expertly around the island, showing us all of the interesting points along the way. The Arch is a natural arch that leads to Lake Huron through the rock. The top of the arch is slowly eroding and soon The Arch will be The U. Lake Huron looks beautiful from high near The Arch. The Porch at The Grand Hotel has been famed from movies to local lore for a very long time. Carol and I will never pay to go on anyone's porch so this shot is the closest we will ever get to this one! Great weather, great scenery, and now, great memories!