Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mackinaw Island

I have lived in Michigan for 69 years and Carol for just a few less and yesterday, for the first time, we went to Mackinaw Island. We have crossed OVER the Mackinaw Bridge many times but yesterday we took our first trip UNDER the bridge. When we were underneath we were where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron join. We again found The Bridge to Nowhere. The Grand Hotel on the Island looks very regal from the water while being shrouded in mist. Since there are no motor vehicles allowed on the island, the parking lots are all of the bicycle variety. Since there are so many horses, the island smells like I imagine the old cowboy towns smelled like. Don't think I will ever see another "oater" without thinking of this smell. Christen, our tour guide, steered her team of Andy and Bo expertly around the island, showing us all of the interesting points along the way. The Arch is a natural arch that leads to Lake Huron through the rock. The top of the arch is slowly eroding and soon The Arch will be The U. Lake Huron looks beautiful from high near The Arch. The Porch at The Grand Hotel has been famed from movies to local lore for a very long time. Carol and I will never pay to go on anyone's porch so this shot is the closest we will ever get to this one! Great weather, great scenery, and now, great memories!

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