Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brimley, MI and Soo Locks

Today we left the campground and went to Sault Ste Marie, the home of the Soo Locks. This is the Upper Peninsula and it was so windy and cool that even the snowballs (flowers) were turning blue/purple. A tour boat was in one of the locks. As the water was placed into the lock and the level raised, the boat was then able to go from the lower Lake Huron to the higher Lake Superior. A 1000 foot ore carrier, the Burns Harbor, was traveling east from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. This area was a rapids before the locks were built in the 1800s with the water flowing from the higher Superior to the lower Huron. This giant ship entered the lock, the water was lowered and then it went on into Lake Huron. Amazing to see all of this in action! Carol and I then with Bev and Jim Schlee to The Antlers - a novel restaurant on the east side of S.S. Marie. This place is stuffed with stuffed animals and antlers of all types. On top of the visual delights, the food is quite good, too. Tomorrow we hope to see the Tahquamenom Falls.

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