Sunday, August 29, 2010


Do I ever have "Hitch Itch!" Haven't been in the Montana in a couple of months and really miss it. Looks like our next journey will not be until late September when we head to Goshen, IN for the MOC rally. Hope to add someplace else to this destination but, who knows? I went to the storage lot the other day to get some tools from the Monty and believe that I heard her saying "Please, please, take me out of here!" Do you know how difficult it was to explain to a 5th wheel that we would not be living in her for another month? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made 70!!!!!!

Yesterday, I turned 70. What a great day it was! Got Sunshine's stitches removed in the morning, had lunch with two former high school classmates, one who I have not seen since graduating in 1958, yes 1958, then to the dog park with Carol and Sunshine for Sunshine's first visit there since she was injured and then dinner with Carol. I have been able to have lunch monthly for a year or so with Dale Hietanen and Art Levy moved to New York City after college and this was the first time I saw him since early 1958. I never thought that I would make 40, let alone 70. I am so blessed - great family, retired and in good health, great group of friends! That makes me so rich!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunshine Update

Sunshine is doing better today. She ate her supper last night and breakfast this morning. We took a five minute walk last evening and she really liked that - a far cry from the morning when she had trouble standing and walking straight. Got some advice today to try her muzzle instead of the large plastic cone to keep her from licking her wounds and drain tube. She has had it on for a few minutes now and seems to be doing better. That other collar was banging into everything when she walked and she could not put her head down very far when she laid down to sleep. Now she is lying on the floor with her head down as she likes it. Tomorrow she gets her drain tube removed and hopefully this will pick her up even more.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunshine Injured

Yesterday, Sunshine was romping and running with her fur friends at the dog park and hit the fence with her side, taking a large hunk from her right side. Got her to the Animal Emergency Hospital in Burton at about 12:30 and was advised that the vet was in emergency surgery and, after a quick scan by the vet, was advised to bring her back in a couple of hours. Returned at 2:30 and was advised that the vet was still in surgery and to return later. After calls, finally got her in about 8:00. About 11:00, Sunshine was led to us, very groggy and not responsive to us at all. She was wearing a plastic cone collar to keep her from licking her wound. After a lot of coaxing, we were able to get her into the car and, once home, a lot of coaxing finally got her out of the car and into the home. Last night, Carol took the collar off Sunshine and stayed awake with her while she slept, so that she could finally get some sleep. This morning, she is still very stiff and groggy but is getting more responsive to us. Seeing her so drugged and non responsive is so difficult but probably not as difficult as what she is feeling and going through.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunshine running all out!

Sunshine finally started running all out as only a racing Greynhound can do. About a month ago at the Frankenmuth Dog Park, she started her visit out with a run and has started each visit out since then with a run. She will run for 20 seconds or so and then just play with her fur friends after that with no more running. The people at the park with their pups all look forward to her showing up and running. Finally got a few shots of her heading out full speed. Sunshine is beautiful just standing still but running, she is gorgeous! 0-40 in three strides, they say, and it sure looks that way here!