Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunshine Update

Sunshine is doing better today. She ate her supper last night and breakfast this morning. We took a five minute walk last evening and she really liked that - a far cry from the morning when she had trouble standing and walking straight. Got some advice today to try her muzzle instead of the large plastic cone to keep her from licking her wounds and drain tube. She has had it on for a few minutes now and seems to be doing better. That other collar was banging into everything when she walked and she could not put her head down very far when she laid down to sleep. Now she is lying on the floor with her head down as she likes it. Tomorrow she gets her drain tube removed and hopefully this will pick her up even more.


Ron and Thelma said...

Boy it looks like she really tore that open really good. Hope that heals fast. The muzzle idea is good. Our son puts muzzles on their greys when they are good because they sometimes will chew on the furniture.

Garreth MacLeod said...

I think Dad meant to say we put their muzzles on when we are "gone", not "good".

She did get herself pretty good there. The worst part for her is that it will itch as it heals. The good part for you is the muzzle will keep her from getting to the stitches and accidentally pulling them out.