Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunken Ship Tour and Munising Falls

I had thought that I had been bitten by mosquitos at the Great Lakes MOC Rally last week and found out today that it was Poison Ivy. After the Walk-In Clinic Doctor prescribed some junk to use, we went on a tour of sunken ships in Lake Superior in a glass bottom boat. It was fantastic! The wrecks that we saw were 6-15 feet beneath the surface and, since Lake Superior is so clear, they were quite visible. We even saw a Bald Eagle on the top of a tree high over his aerie nest below him. An old lighthouse on the east side of Grand Island was pointed out to us, too. The rocky bluffs are similar to the Pictured Rocks just across the bay from the island. One of the sunken ships shows an anchor and the captain's comode and bathtub. Whodathunkit? We went to the Munising Falls on a whim and we are very happy that we did. They are tall and beautiful. We even saw some kids running under them. Bev and I were going to try it but, when we got near, we saw that the footing was not what I believed these 69 year old ankles could take to we left (to return another time?) A really full day. Tomorrow we are heading for Baraga, where there is another Casino/Campground. It is first come first serve there so we hope we can make it in time. If not, we will have to come up with a Plan B quickly. Sounds like another great adventure in the making!