Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grand Blanc, MI "Hitch Itch"

Getting a bad case of "Hitch Itch." Need to hook up the Montana and head out. Looks like the next trip will not be until late September when we go to Goshen, IN for the Montana Owners Rally. Will probably stretch that week out for another week or so and see where else we can get into trouble. The Ford Pick-Up is in the shop. The front end was messing up the tires and we discovered the ball joints were shot. Hope to get it back tomorrow. Still thinking of going to "Little Nashville" in Nashville, IN right after the rally. That sounds like another Renfro Valley type location. Getting the condo ready for interior repainting next week. Been too long between coats of paint. The birds are swarming around the feeder. All the natural feed in the woods here and they still come to Papa for their dining pleasure. Must be doing something right!

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