Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008 Hartland, MI

Today we came out to Waldenwoods RV Resort where the Montana was set up and waiting for us. As soon as we got inside, the rains came. We were fortunate that we only had rain and thunder and not the horrific tornados that plagued the south. A nap cured our ills and we are now watching the rain and planning our next move. Last night we saw Meagon and her school class perform a musical show. It was very entertaining and, since Meagon was the star, it was great. Sunday we probably will go to the Brighton area and watch Jon play soccer. I work Monday on days as Ranger Jim here at Waldenwoods. That should really be fun. Just like Disney this winter, I am having a ball and they are paying me too. What a concept! Tomorrow we will see how homey we can make this site. We will be here for the summer so it will be nice seeing what we can do with the area. We had a low spot right at the stairs to the trailer and the park manager brought a load of dirt for this spot. Also, we now have a wooden porch floor under the steps, making it nicer. Tomorrow, if the rains stop, we will put rugs down to help keep the mud from the newly transferred dirt from entering the rig.

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