Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14, 2008 Final entry for a while!

We have been tied up most of this summer and now Carol is about to have her knees replaced. She has been in pain for a long time and hopefully this will return a decent quality of life that she has not had for so long. If it is God's Will, she will be pain free and we will begin traveling again in the spring. We look forward to seeing Mt. Rushmore and area when the spring flowers are abloom and the wildlife have their babies running around. We have wanted to take this trip for several years now and each time something has arisen to stop us. Who knows - we may start out and disappear for a long time, giving our location only to our grandchildren. Thank you so much for allowing me and/or us to vent and share our experiences with you on these pages. We look forward to resuming in the spring.

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