Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009 Mid-Michigan Roadside America sites

On this holiday, our kids were busy so we took a tour of some more Roadside America sites of oddities. We started out at the Dort Mall in Flint. Here we found the Muffler Man Happy Half-wit and the clown pointing out where to find the Muffler Man/Happy Half-wit. Next we went to Flushing and found the water tower with the Smiley Face on it. The tower was not where the website had stated so we asked a couple of people that were loading groceries into their car at a grocery store. They not only gave directions, they then proceeded to lead us to the location. We found it at a park on the east side of Flushing. This couple really boosted our already high opinion of Flushing. Once again I showed Carol that I would rather ask directions than drive around aimlessly. Meet the most interesting people that way! We then went to what was advertised as the "Lawn Ornament Capital", Krepps in Lennon. Never saw so many concrete and wooden lawn ornaments in one place before. WOW!!! Lastly, but not leastly, we went to Okemos, near Lansing. Here we had lunch and the Travelers Restaurant and Tuba Museum. This was located in a neighborhood with some stores and many homes. Inside was a small bar/restaurant/Tuba Museum. Dozens of Tubas were attached to the walls and we were told that the owner sometimes walks around the restaurant playing his tuba, mostly at birthday parties or just whenever he feels like it and has the time. We had some delicious Nachos Grande that was advertised for 2 but could have easily fed more. Really good food on top of a very interesting decor. We WILL return! That was our Fourth, so far. How was yours?

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