Monday, November 16, 2009

Grand Blanc, MI

This was a great weekend! Saturday night we saw two of our daughters and five of our grandchildren at a soccer game. Our granddaughter, Meagon, was playing and the rest came to watch. What a game - another future superstar? Planning goes on for our winter "recon tour" of Texas and Arizona. Discovered another Montana Owners Club couple that will be in Rockport, TX at the same time as we will. 'tis truly a small world. A week ago we got a call from the Flint Tourist Bureau saying that they read our blog and wanted to hook us up with a local newspaper reporter. We met with the reporter in a coffee shop and a real nice article was placed in the local weekly paper. We were blown away by the attention and are getting calls from neighbors kidding us about being "celebrities." Whodathunkit?


Ron and Thelma said...

Boy Didn't know you were so famous. I check your blog at least weekly when you are not traveling and then check it daily when you are. We too are planning on leaving right after the first of the year. Heading to Alabama and then to Florida. Ending up in SC for our retiree rally the end of march.

Jim and Carol said...

Your travel plans sound great, Ron. We like both Alabama and SC. Got tired of Florida for a while but may return in a few years after checking out the SW.