Friday, December 31, 2010

Truck fixed! Looks like we leave Monday!

We got our truck back today and it seems to be in great running condition again. It is raining today but supposed to be clear tomorrow so then is when we will pick up the Montana from storage and bring to the condo for loading. If all continues to go well, we shove off early Monday morning. Hopefully we will make it to Berea, KY in the afternoon to spend our first night. That will be the last of our long days driving. We don't care to drive over 200 miles or 4 hours in a day, whichever comes first. Sunshine is getting nervous because things are different daily around here with breaking down after Christmas and getting ready to travel. Once she spends her first night in the 5th wheel, she should be fine. She was last year and we only had her for three weeks before we left for the Great Southwest.

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