Saturday, July 23, 2011

The end of a great trip!

We have had a great two week getaway - just Carol, Sunshine and me with our Montana in Hartland, with our friends Pete and Karen and Bob and Noreen and then onto Manistee's Little River Casino Campground with our friends Jim and Bev. Sunshine went swimming in Lake Michigan and loved it. I took pictures with my camera phone of her in the water but do not know how to get them into my computer so, please trust me - she can't wait to get back to the Big Lake. The weather was very hot and humid but that is what they make Lake Michigan, AC and awnings for, isn't it? The bronze figures are at a rest area on US-10 near Claire, MI. I have seen them for years and thought it was an interesting addition to the rest area but never memorialized it before. That's Jim and Bev Schlee at their new Montana. Gonna spend another two weeks at Waldenwoods in Hartland in a couple of weeks and then the next trip will probably be to the Montana Owners Club Rally in Goshen, IN at the end of September. Probably mid-October, we leave for Florida. We will stay there in the Monty and drive back for Thanksgiving through Christmas at home and then back to Florida for the rest of the winter. This will be the first winter ever that we did not tow the Monty from Michigan south after New Years in the snow and ice. Think we are gonna like it!

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