Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're now in our home park... Davison, MI until October 14. After another great Montana Owners Club Rally that included lots of rain, we allowed the wet, cool weather to follow us home. Yup, we've got rain and cool weather turning cold tomorrow. We then leave for a two week journey to Silver Springs, FL, where we will be until April 1. We plan on driving home between Thanksgiving and Christmas, leaving the Montana in FL. What a concept - driving south for the winter and not towing through the ice and snow of early January. First time in years we have done this. Our campground celebrates Halloween early and large. On the 7th, we will be joined by our daughter Richelle and her family so we will be able to watch them in a costume parade and trick or treating. Sounds like this will be a fun weekend. Tomorrow we hope to see our grandson, Devin, leading the Brighton High School defense in another victory. Thank you God - Life it good!

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