Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Storms and engine problems keeping us parked and inside

Today we drove a short distance from South Carolina to Maggie Valley in The Smokey Mountains. As we neared Maggie Valley, we were forced off the road to sit and wait until a severe thunderstorm went over. We were on the right shoulder of I-40 along with many other semis, RVs and some cars. Visibility was maybe 30 feet because of the intensity of the rain and sleet (in 70 degree weather) and there were still some traveling past us. We are so grateful that we have no appointments or similar reasons/excuses that force us to travel on to get to the destination ASAP. Retirement has brought on a feeling of peace with hanging loose. When the weather let up some, we continued on to Pride RV Resort, where we will spend the next couple of nights. Tomorrow morning, I must take the truck to the Ford Dealership in Waynesville, a short hop from here. When climbing a steep (7% grade) mountain on I-26, we lost some compression and the orange wrench light, similar to Check Engine, came on. When we got to the next Rest Area, we turned it off and let it cool. All seemed well when we turned it on. The same thing happened yesterday, climbing steep in 91 degree weather. Gotta get this taken care of NOW! So, they are waiting for me tomorrow at 9:00AM. Got some photos from today's trip but will have to post them later.

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