Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 22, 2007 Hartland, MI

What a beautiful day - temperature in the low 70s, low humidity and lots of sun. Took Monty to the dealership and had the refrigerator repaired. Now it is good to go. This beautiful park just got better. We talked with Pete, the former friendly grounds keeper from our home park in Davison, MI. He was always smiling and helpful. He even backed our rig onto our sites on a couple of occasions for us when we were newby 5th wheelers and didn't know much about them. He is now head of grounds here at Waldenwoods in Hartland, MI. He has a lot in Mission, TX in the Rio Grand Valley and we planned on visiting him there last winter, before the doctor stopped our plans to the southwest for the season. Hopefully we will see him and his wife this winter. Gotta stop thinking about winter now with all the summer adventures we are looking at for this year. Tomorrow we go to see a T-Ball game and then one of our daughters' family is stopping over to this park for a visit. As we age, time seems to fly ever faster and it is already time to get on with this day so we'll get back with you tomorrow.

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