Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29, 2007 West Branch, MI

What a beautiful day. The birds sing so loudly before sunrise that it is almost impossible not to get up and sing with them. Sunny and cool all day long. Temperatures were in the high 70s and humidity in the low nothings. We went to Barnes and Noble in Midland, MI today and got a book explaining in more detail the Paleo diet that the arthritis doctor is placing Carol on. It is very similar to the low carb diet that I was on successfully for so long only the fat is cut out heavily. Fishing is in store for early tomorrow morning. Then to Pinconing, MI for a visit to an outfitters outlet for a look-see at some RV supplies and fishing lures and who knows what else. We just also heard that there will be fireworks in West Branch on the 4th. Small town America is a very nice place to be anytime but it is great on the 4th of July. This campground is very nice and the only complaint that we have is the smaller lot sizes. We were spoiled last week with the large lots at Hartland.

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