Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kensington Metropark colors

Been trying to kick a nasty head cold so today we went for probably our last color tour. We decided to go to Kensington Metropark near Brighton, MI, where we have our Memorial tree. Years ago, we heard of people purchasing memorial trees for loved ones that had passed and we decided that this was a good idea so we purchased a small Mountain Ash that, over the years, has grown into a much larger tree. We wanted to purchase the tree early so that we could enjoy it before we fertilized it with our ashes. The times we came to our tree to eat a picnic lunch or dinner and reflect on the events of the day were too many to count but we always left feeling better than when we first arrived. The first photo shows our tree on the left with the view over the woods toward Ann Arbor in the background. It is the smaller red leaved tree. The sun was not shining today but some of the colors were still brilliant and beautiful. Carol likes to take shots from immediately underneath the tree looking up and here are a couple of her wonderful masterpieces.

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