Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ann Arbor Greyhound Meet and Greet

Sunshine got her Greyhound fix today. After watching our grandson Ryan play baseball in Brighton, we went to a Greyhound Meet and Greet in Ann Arbor. These M&Gs are held at pet supply stores in malls so the public can be educated about Greyhound adoption. They are also a greyt place for our Greyhound to socialize with other greys. She loves these. When we were traveling with her, we took her to M&Gs in Texas and Arizona and she would be in a great mood for days after. At about 63 pounds, Sunshine is quite big to us but when she was around some of these big boys today, we marveled at how small she seemed to be. Mary and Mark fostered Sunshine for three months between her being taken from the track and breeding facility and our adopting her. They had not seen each other since early December when we picked her up and brought her home. Today, they arrived after we did. Sunshine froze in her tracks when she saw and smelled Mary and ran to her with her tail wagging. She went back and forth between Mary and Mark all the time we were there. A greyt day was had by all.

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