Monday, July 12, 2010

Indiana and Hartland, MI

Carol is surrounded by love in Indiana, being surrounded by Sarah, Ryan and Rocco. Of course, Sunshine had to show us that she could sleep in any position in our daughter's family cottage. We set up Saturday in Waldenwoods, in Hartland. Yesterday, the weather became dark, to add to the heat and humidity leaving us with the question - was this a tornado or a water spout we saw, just north of the campground? Musta been water spout because we heard no reports of touchdowns around here. I am surrounded by the best of all worlds here - my dog, by Monty. my truck and the photo was taken by my best friend, my wife. I feel that I have it all. Been doing some modifications to the Monty. The table would meet us when we first came into the rig and closed up tight to the counter when the slides were in, barring access to the refrigerator when we were on the road. Also, the reclining, swivel rockers had their backs to beautiful rear picture window. We moved the table to the window, one rocker to the area that the table had been in, and got rid of two of the table's chairs and a rocker. Now the Monty feels more "homey" and we have full use of the picture window. The rocker is now at a large side window and has a great view with good light. We are going to replace the table chairs with two more comfortable ones in the near future. Sunshine's couch will remain in its original location. The small chest freezer we just got and the ice maker should fit nicely at the end of the counter near the table. Now that this is done, we have some other ideas for mods and will start on them soon. "So much to do and so little time to do it!"

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