Friday, July 9, 2010

'twas a great day!

Yesterday we "puppy sat" with daughter Richelle's dog Rocko and Sunshine and Rocko had a great time together. Rocko is probably a little smaller now because Sunshine kept nibbling at his food dish. Sunshine wolfs her food down and Rocko nibbles - ergo the difference in who eats Rocko's food. It was another very hot day, so after Rocko returned home, we went to Bubbles Ice Cream and Pie Parlor in Michigan City, IN and had some wonderful, handmade ice cream. The place is pet friendly and they even gave Sunshine her own small dish of vanilla ice cream to eat on their shaded porch. Gotta try their home made pies next time - unless it is stifling again and then ice cream will be in order again then. Took another spin to Lake Michigan and really enjoyed the sights. Next trip I hope that we remember to bring the cable to upload the photos from the camera to the computer.

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