Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 3, 2007 West Branch-Tawas, MI

Last night , we were driving in the area looking for deer and turned into a private drive. We were stopped along the roadway looking at some deer, when a SUV pulling a trailer pulled along side us. The car contained a family and the man asked what we were doing. When we told him that we were looking at the deer, he began a conversation by explaining that he had been born and raised in the area. He asked us if we believed. When we answered that we did, he introduced us to his wife and several of their children. She is carrying their eleventh child at this time. He explained that this area is the "heart of the heart" of deer country. He described a one mile square drive that passes our campground that, on an autumn evening, will display several hundred deer, many of them bucks. He then took us to his farm and introduced us to two of his beautiful horses, a Syrian Jack Ass with a cross inscribed on his back and even his hair. He explained that this is the type of ass that Jesus rode. We also met a large family of goats, with the babies running and jumping all around. He pointed out one baby goat standing on another. He said that the baby was standing "on his grandma. Grandma lets him do it and he loves it." The children and the animals have biblical names. Today, Carol took them some Christmas ornaments that she had made as a token of our thanks for their kindness last night. What beautiful people we are meeting as we travel our wonderful country.
Today, we drove to Tawas, Mi to see Lake Huron. What a beautiful area this is. Tawas has a city park right on the Lake Huron shoreline. included in the park is an RV park. This is a very clean park. It has full hookups and cable. The only negative that we could see was that it is crowded. There are some sites right on the shoreline. We could just picture watching a sunrise on Lake Huron from our picture window in our Montana. We put off a walk on the pier out onto Lake Huron because it was cloudy, windy and somewhat cool on the water. Maybe next time. (tomorrow?) Tonight, we drove the mile square drive that we had heard about last night and counted 96 deer and six turkeys.
Still having a problem posting our photos. Will send when we get this problem taken care of.

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