Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4, 5, 2007 West Branch, MI

West Branch put on a beautiful fireworks show. It was short, maybe 20 minutes, but a great show. There were thousands of people scattered around the countryside in fields and lots with lawn chairs, hot dog and bar-b-q venders, families, a great crowd. We parked in a dentist's parking lot and were as close as we have ever been to the fireworks. There are so many new types now that we have never seen before. How they can make shapes of circles, rectgangles, etc come out of the blasts blows our minds (didn't see the pun until this was printed). We counted 60 some deer before the show. Here in the north it gets dark later than we are used to. The show didn't start until about 10:30PM. They said that they were going to wait for dark and they sure did. Tonight we took one last drive to see the deer before we leave in the morning.
We take the Monty back home and next week to the dealership for some warranty work before leaving for Mt. Rushmore in mid-August. There were storms around us today with hail and winds and rain but we missed most of it. It is a beautiful night now and this is being typed outside in the rapidly fading light. Hopefully we can get photos published tomorrow of the deer and fireworks.

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