Thursday, November 3, 2011

This is not a bad looking area!

Yesterday, we started hearing a squeal from under the hood of the truck and discovered that the Serpentine Belt was bad. While replacing this, the mechanic discovered that the belt tensioner was frozen. Almost $200 later, we were good to go again. This was not planned for but we are OK now. The campground has two dog parks in it and Sunshine is in her glory. There are long, paved, clean streets for walking and even a Fitness Center on the property. Today our friends Bill and Helen Moll, from the MOC, took us to Silver Springs Amusement Park where we got our Annual Passes and a short intro to the park. This is where many of the original Tarzan movies were made. Many scenes from the old TV Show with Lloyd Bridges were shot here too. They have several boat tours with glass bottom boats and wild animal displays in natural settings. All included in the Annual Pass and so tomorrow we will try to return with camera in hand to see more of this wonderful place. They have regular concerts here, too, with name stars that we know. All we have to bring is our chairs. Saturday we will go to the Market of Marion, a flea market/vegatable market that seems like a real bargain. Looks like a very interesting winter coming up.

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