Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're back home, now

We left Silver Springs, FL Sunday morning and did what we don't care to do and NEVER WILL DO AGAIN, drove straight through home to Grand Blanc, MI. We only took two half hour nap stops at rest areas along the way but otherwise we were moving. We never traveled through the cotton field area in this time of year before and were amazed to see that they looked snow covered. We also were privileged to see "Fall Colors" on the trees in Georgia and they were beautiful. We were passed by a "Working Greyhound" and Sunshine smiled because she remembers how it was before she retired and joined our family. It was getting dark by the time we got to Atlanta but we were able to see the Olympic Flame once again. We were unable to see the views in the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky because of the darkness but coming down the mountain from Kentucky into Cincinnati, we were treated to see the Cinci lights. When we left Florida, the temperatures were in the low 80s and when we got home, it was 29 - Shock to the system time. We will travel to Renee's house for Thanksgiving and then celebrate Christmas with the kids and grandkids here and then leave for Florida soon afterwords. We plan on arriving in Florida in time to see the light show at Silver Springs Park and celebrate New Years with our friends from the MOC, Helen and Bill Moll. They are the people who interested us in the park we are staying at in Silver Springs.

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