Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We're now at our Winter Home!

Today, we made our last move with the Montana for the season. We are now set up in Silver Springs, FL, at the Wilderness Town Park RV Park. Our lot is 40'X70' and landscaped beautifully. We have nice grass, trees, bushes and cement pad. The weather is beautiful, the park even has two dog parks and we are happy to be here. We even were greeted by the white bird walking in front of our truck. This is Florida so we do have Fire Ants. They even made a "Fire Ant Smiley Face" for us with one of their mounds. We do have the junk to put on their mounds to get rid of them. The view from our patio is of the edge of the Ocala National Forest and out of our back window is some great landscaping. We have friends from the Montana Owners' Club, Helen and Bill Moll, in the park. Now we will just lay back and see what the area has to behold!

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