Saturday, September 26, 2009

Goshen, IN Factory tour and exercising trotter

Today started out with a tour of the Montana factory. This is our fourth or fifth time we have toured this plant and it never gets old. Watching how these beautiful rigs are assembled reminds us how nice our rig is. We also saw a new prototype of a new model and it was secret and great! We couldn't photograph it but it has a very novel floor plan. We also saw what we would really like to be our next unit. It is a 2010 Montana 3465SA. This is longer that our present unit by four feet and also considerably lighter. It also has a much larger cargo carrying capacity. The interior is laid out really nicely. THIS IS THE ONE! We thought our present one was our last but this would fit under our tree so nicely. Our campground is located on the Elkhart County Fairgrounds and it includes a paddock and trotter track. They exercise the ponies and, as we were driving out of the fairgrounds, we happened to be alongside one being stretched. Pretty neat or, I guess, Way Cool! The day ended with a White Elephant swap and a Wine and Cheese thingey. Carol had some Traverse City wine with her friend Bev and I had ice water and snacks. Tomorrow is the last day of the rally, starting with a pancake breakfast and ending with an ice cream social. Gotta get home so I can get back on some semblance of a decent diet, eh? So many great people here. Gonna be sad leaving them but looking forward to running across them along the road on our travels.

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