Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday with the grandkids and Monday travel to Goshen

Sunday, while camped at Waldenwoods RV Resort in Hartland, MI we were visited by our daughter Richelle and her husband Tim and several of our grandchildren - Brianna, Meagon, Ryan and Sarah. Later we were joined by another daughter, Jeannette, and grandson Devin. The kids wanted to swim and, since it was rather cool, we told them that they could roll up their shorts and wade. Soon, they had all "accidently" fallen into the lake and so played with their clothes on. Carol put their wet clothes in the drier but travel home for them was in their DRY swimsuits. A great time was had by all, especially Grampa and Gramma! Monday we traveled to Goshen, IN for the Fall Montana Owners National Rally. After being the wagonmasters for the last one we are really enjoying kicking back this time and enjoying the people. We were planning on going to Nashville, IN after this rally, also called "Little Nashville." We just heard that the Little Grand Old Opry house in Little Nashville burned to the ground last Sunday so we are not yet sure where we will go now. We'll figure out something, though, no doubt!

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