Monday, September 21, 2009

Hartland, MI to Goshen, IN

We traveled from Hartland, MI to the Montana Owners Club Rally in Goshen, IN today. About 30 miles from Goshen, we started hearing a squeeking and, upon arrival at the campground, were advised that there was "metal on metal" in our left rear trailer brake. Two mechanically inclined members (I can't even spell it - Carol calls me the "Master of Disaster") took it apart and discovered it was wiped out and disabled it. We can now tow it to be repaired, if need be, and still have three trailer brakes and the truck brakes. There is a real nice crowd of people here at the rally. There are about 30 members here for their first rally, which makes it really nice. Tonight was a great "Meet and Greet" and we got to see many old friends and are making new ones now, too. After being the WagonMasters for the last National Rally here, it is nice sitting back and enjoying the people here this year and letting others do the work. The seminars start tomorrow and Carol and I are looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Since we have been to many of them in past years, we will also just kick back and maybe do some touristing while we are here with Jim and Bev Schlee, who we traveled the Upper Peninsula with a few weeks ago. Great friends, grand entertainment, we made it here safely - life is good, Thank You God!

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