Saturday, October 22, 2011

Charleston, SC

Today we took the "quicky" tour of Charleston. What a beautiful town! We were walking in the downtown area and apparently looked lost. A man, later identified as TG Robinson, approached us and asked if we were looking for something. Seems he is a "Street Marshall" for Charleston and handles tourists for a living. After talking a while and Sunshine batting her big, brown eyes at him, he advised us of the best walking areas and gave us two passes to the homes tour. We soon discovered that it would not be right for Carol and her knees to walk this tour and so we went to the Frence Quarter and found some other "lost" tourists and gave them the passes. We later discovered that they were valued at $45 each. We feel that they were put to good use and we just wanted aknowledge Mr. Robinson and tell you what a great spokesman he is for this beautiful city. We burned the camera up here. The French Quarter is narrow and full of history. Churches galore with fabulous spires making all look up! Many of the streets are cobblestone. All are narrow and some are nothing more than slim alleys with home and store fronts. Some of the homes were so large, they could sleep all from our campground and then some. A dark side of our history was the Old Slave Market, which is now a museum. Of course, what would a southern port city be without a cruise ship. Here was one and it was huge! We crossed the water over to Mount Pleasant and saw the USS York Town and a bejillion yachts. There was also a Cold War Submarine Memorial. Tomorrow we go to Savannah for some more beautiful history.  

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