Monday, October 24, 2011

Savannah, GA

Today we saw one of the most beautiful, congested cities we have seen in a long time. The bridge leading into Savannah reminds us of the bridge leading into Charleston, SC and is evry bit as beautiful. The Spanish Moss hanging from the trees along shaded streets in front of some very old homes made travel from neighborhood to neighborhood wonderful. Some multicolored walkups seemed to be ancient but very well preserved. The vehicle and pedestrian traffic was very heavy but there were numerous parks (called squares) throughout the historic downtoen section making is easier for peds. There was a huge white steeple that could be seen from the bridge and, up close and personal, it looked great taken through the limbs and leaves of a gnarled, old tree. Taking a hint from our friend, Mick Giandiletti, we went to Fort Pulaski. We are semi-Civil War buffs and this trip was well worth the time. The story of the fort is interesting and the best part is "we" won! The Confederates held the fort in 1862 and the Union forces bombarded it with over 5,400 artillery shells, forcing the Rebels to surrender. The fort still stands and the holes in the walls even had cannonballs in the holes. In photo #8, look at the center of the pic and there is a cannonball. This bombardment led to the end of masonary forts because of the damage caused by rifling in the artillery giving the ammo more "oomph!". Then as we were leaving, a very large spider was seen getting ready to carry our truck away. Good thing we got there in time to save it.

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