Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hardeeville to Charleston then to Wildwood, FL

Yesterday, we moved from Hardeeville, SC to Jacksonville, FL. We spent the night at a nice park, Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville. We took Sunshine downtown to a really nice dog park but left after a short visit when a man brought in a Pit Bull that was wanting to play with the other dogs but was young and strong and hurt several of them. We got out of there before Sunshine joined in the "fun." Pecan Park is a new really nice RV park with concrete pull through pads and lots of grass between sites. The only negative was that it was on a flight path for Jackson International Airport and we had several large, loud jets taking off over us. Not bad, though, because there is a Naval Air Station nearby also and we got to see several frisky fighters flying overhead. Today we moved from Jacksonville to Wildwood, FL where we set up at 3 Flags RV Park. We are scheduled to be here for six nights before moving about 20 miles north to our "winter home" in Silver Springs. The photos start with Sunshine lying at the picnic table in Hardeeville when I was breaking down the rig to get it ready for travel. She was asking me "I'm ready, how long are you going to be?" Then the Georgia sign, then our farewell to Savannah. Next comes our entrance into Florida. Then there are Carol and Sunshine enjoying the Jacksonville dog park and one of the great jetliners flying overhead at Pecan Park.

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