Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still in Wildwood

We are still in Wildwood and will be until Tuesday. Then we will move to our "winter home" in Silver Springs. We stopped by Wilderness Town Park, where we will stay starting Tuesday, a couple of days ago and it is still beautiful. Our site is concrete padded and has grass and shrubs. The lots are nice sized and well kept. We look forward to our winter there. We still plan on returning to Michigan between Thanksgiving and Christmas, sans the Montana. It surely will be nice to head south after Christmas without towing the rig through the snow and ice. It will be a first for us. Yesterday, we had a mobile detailing company wash and spray wax our rig. It sure shines like the jewel that it is and will be much easier for me to keep up outside maintenance and cleaning. The oxidation, bugs and dirt from storage are now gone and we can start over with a "new" Monty. The other day we drove the short distance to the part that will be our "winter home" to see our lot. The Wilderness Town Park is a wonderful facility with paved roads, concrete pads and much grass and shrubs and trees. Our lot is nice sized and is four lots away from the Ocala National Forest and the Oklawaha River. When Sunshine and I go for our walks, we should probably go during daylight hours and leave the nights to the gators! Today, we are going to the Ocala Dog Park. This is a huge facility where Sunshine loved running around the area unleashed last year. She met a ton of fur friends and we met some pretty nice people, too. Sunshine is pictured running to Carol at this park last year and the badge has the important word "Retired" on it making it possible for us to follow the sun in the wintertime.

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