Thursday, February 16, 2012

A great day in Silver Springs


Yesterday was another perfect day in Silver Springs. Sunshine and
I started out with a stroll through the Ocala National Forest with her alertly keeping us on the right path. Later, Carol and I went to the Silver Springs Park, where we were greeted by these two beautiful birds. We strolled the banks of the river and took a glass bottom boat ride over the springs. Then we came on a great Giraffe, who gave us its profile. Next came the bears. A gigantic Kodiak was "chillin'" in a pond playing with a stick. That mamouth creature is ten feet tall! It was becoming quite warm so as we left the park we were wished a fond farwell by this beautiful orchard type flower. During Sunshine and my last stroll around our RV Park, we took one last look at the beautiful fountain in the middle of a pond. Today looks to be another wonderful day - the sun is shining, we are alive and grateful and "Who could ask for anything more?" as the song lyrics go.

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