Sunday, February 5, 2012

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

We are finally in our Montana in Silver Springs, FL. The trip was going smoothly until I had another mental lapse and put a tank on gasoline into our diesel tank in Georgia. Just got back on I-75 near Warner Robbins, GA and the Ford began missing. It got worse quickly so we were able to get off at an exit and it died immediately after we got out of traffic. There are horror stories all over about this being a multi-thousand dollar "mistake" so we were not feeling too well. It was about 5:00PM and a tow truck took us to a car rental place on the way to the Ford dealership. The rental agency was just starting to close but took care of us. The truck was taken to the dealership and left in their yard because they had closed. The next day, Friday, we discovered that they were to be able to drain the tanks, lines, filters, etc and that no damage had been done to any of the engine. We picked it up about 3:30PM Friday afternoon and headed south. We arrived at the campground Saturday noon and the Montana greeted us warmly (it was 80 degrees). Our neighbors have welcomed us back and had been worried because of our late (over a month) return. Sunshine ran her first lap of the dog park this morning and loves lying on the grass outside being warmed by the sun. We are all enjoying the sun and warmth of both the weather and the people.

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