Sunday, February 26, 2012

Travis Tritt at Silver Springs

Yesterday, Travis Tritt performed at Silver Springs Park on a beautiful day for anything outside. Carol wasn't feeling well so I left Sunshine to take care of her and went to the park solo. The park has an outdoor stage embedded in an old mansion with plenty of room and attractions all around. The trees are full of Spanish Moss and the birds and animals all welcome us every time we come here. I tried my hand at taking pictures and videos with my Android phone and, at one time, was able to get to the front of the stage for a couple of shots. (play the video above for a portion of one of his songs) There were a bejillion people in attendance and the crowd was a mixture of country, Woodstock, Rock Concert, Biker Party. The park was selling 1/2 yard beers and people were carrying their strange looking glasses for the beer all over the area. Travis sure puts out a lot of music. I left the concert venue after an hour and a half to beat the crowds leaving and, as I drove by the rear of the stage on my way home, he was still singing. Thursday, Bob and Noreen, two friends that we met when workcamping at Waldenwoods in Michigan a few   years ago, are coming for a visit and we will once again come back to this park. It is raining now so we are deciding whether to drive over to the Atlantic Ocean, just an hour away, or stay in our snug Montana. Decisions, decisions - retirement is not an easy life. Oh, yes, I return to the hospital tomorrow to have my stitches removed from my lip. Then will decide if I can wait to return to Michigan to get my front tooth replaced/capped or have it done while down here.

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Ron and Thelma said...

Jom we will be in Ocala on the 1st of March . Staying at Wandering oaks for 4 days. Send me an email at if you want to get together for lunch