Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ormond Beach, FL

Last weekend, some friends from the MOC, Ron and Thelma Standiford, stopped by on their way from South Florida to an RV rally in LA. We had dinner in La Toreo, a pretty good find of a Mexican restaurant in Ocala. They toured the park we are staying in and liked it. Maybe they will come here next season - hope so. It was great seeing them again. 
Yesterday, Sunshine and I took our usual morning walk. We were met by a couple of our usual morning greeters, the Hawk just saying "Hi" as we passed by and the gator saying "You keep on your side of the pond and I'll stay on mine!" Later, Carol, Sunshine and I drove to Ormond Beach. This is a beautiful community alongside some magnificient Atlantic coastline. In the photo containing the soaring gull, in the background you should be able to see a parasailor  trying to get enough of this windy day to lift him out of the surf. We found a beach that allowed dogs and Sunshine knew she liked it but didn't know quite what to do with it. She has hiked the dunes along Lake Michigan and lay in its rolling surf and likes jumping into ponds and streams to lay just into the water to cool off but didn't quite know what to do here. Like so many things with the retired racer Greyhounds, she knows nothing but training, running and, in Sunshine's case, breeding. Playing, stairs and many things taken for granted with most puppies just are not part of their makeup so need to be taught. She ran some along the beach with me and romped in the softer sand but here the sand along the water's edge is hard and she didn't know quite how to handle it. These and other area shorelines were used for auto racing in years gone by and people still drive on them. The surf was beautiful and she did seem very happy just observing, this time. Soon, we will return to the Gulf of Mexico and see how she reacts there. She was so tired from all of the new, to her, activities that she slept most of the way home. We did stop at a shop that has some life sized animal statues that, from a distance, could be real. Tonight we are going to go to Gator Joe's Restaurant. This should prove really different.

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