Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glen Campbell's Final Tour

A while ago, Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. Because of this, he planned a final tour. Many younger people probably never heard of him but he is very well known to many of us "Older Folks." His tour brought him to The Silver Springs Nature Park in Silver Springs, FL and I was able to see his show. Upon entering the park, I was once again greeted by the "Official Greeters," two beautiful tropical parrots. The park was again full of people of all types enjoying the park and the concert. His voice shows evidence of 75 years of living and his repeated jokes show evidence of dementia, but it was a great show, bringing back memories of long ago! He was given a ton of love by a very large crowd of fans. He was joined on stage by two sons and a daughter. He performed a "dueling banjos" number with his daughter, which the above video is a part of. This park is a "must see" part of Florida for all. It even has a large water park for the kids but, on this day, it was "owned" by Glen Campbell.

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