Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is Gator Joe's!

We finally made it to Gator Joe's, the famous restaurant on Lake Weir, where the foot from the infamous gator, Old Joe, it encased on a wall. An intercepted message from Ma Barker and her sons in 1934 mentioned Old Joe and the FBI ran it down to a house just down from this restaurant. After a four hour gun battle, Ma and one of her sons were killed. I was going to try the Gator Tail but got a great deal on a very tasty fish dinner instead. Next time I will try the Gator Tail, for sure! We went there with Bill and Helen Moll, MOC friends who live full time in the RV park where we are staying. We saw a beautiful sunset on the lake from the deck of the restaurant. We are now scheduled for a "Monkey Ride" on the river Friday. This is a pontoon boat ride on the river through Silver Springs where, years ago, a lot of monkeys that had been used there during filming of Tarzan movies, had been released. Now they are wild along the river. Should see mucho gators, birds, and monkeys.

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