Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crystal River, on Gulf and Stumpknockers, In Dunnellen

The other day, Carol, Sunshine and I went to Crystal River, on the Gulf. It was a perfect day - sunshine, a breeze and the Gulf was quiet. Sunshine and I both wet our feet in the Gulf and smiled all the way home. Today, we went to Stumpknockers, a restaurant on the river west of Ocala. The whole area is beautiful. We wondered where the name Stumpknockers came from and it was explained on the back of the menu. At one time, I had to wrestle a gator to save my child bride (she doesn't look like it but she was terrified). I had the Walleye and fried Gator tail and discovered that I like this meat. It was fried just right and I brought a LARGE doggy bag home. Couldn't come close to eating it all but now know what fried Gator Tail tasted like. We leave in the morning and our first stop will be Townsend, GA, on the Atlantic. We have friends staying at a park there and are looking forward to seeing them. From there, into the Carolinas and The Great Smoky Mountains. We are looking to an arrival date in our home park in Davison of probably Saturday. Carol usually cooks Easter Dinner for the kids and Grandkids and we have an Easter Egg hunt for the younger ones. 

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