Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Day at Silver Springs Park

The weather today was ideal, sunny and warm with low humidity. MOC friends, Jan and Paul Kelp stopped by our campground on their way north to spend a couple of days. We all went to Silver Springs Park and had a great day, topped off with an Ice Cream Social at our RV park clubhouse. While in the park, we took a couple of river/glass bottom boat rides and a trailer pulled by a jeep for a Safari Ride. We saw two gators professing their love for each other by entwining and holding their heads together. Can't get enough of seeing the beautiful Cypress trees along the Silver River. Saw a Needle Nose Gar through bottom of a Glass Bottom Boat ride over the actual Silver Spring, which puts out over 500,000,000 gallons of water a day. The monkeys were trying to figure out if it was worth it to jump in with us on our Safari Ride. These were Rhesus Monkeys. Weren't these the monkeys that were used to research Polio years ago? They 
were for sure used in the old Johnny Weismiller Tarzan movies that were filmed here? Tomorrow were are planning on returning to the Market of Marion to  a very large flea market and fruit and vegetable stand.

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