Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunshine usually has one good run in her a day.

Every morning, between 7 and 8:00AM, Sunshine takes me out for our daily morning walk. We walk through the RV park and/or through the Ocala National Forest. One of our regular stops is the dog park in the campground. She is almost nine years old and she many times has one run in her, before she returns to snooping, sniffing and wanting to be loved. This morning, I was able to get a shot of one of her short trots. As a retired racer, she is teaching me all about retirement and doing a great job with her teaching. She raced 79 times and came in 1-4 over half the time. Now, she is not sure if she wants to run or not, most of the time because it takes from her time loving and being loved. I am learning so much from her. I just hope I can live up to many of her expectations of me.

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