Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not a good day in Silver Springs!

Yesterday was not one of my better days. I have entered in several fitness challenges and have been taking many walks around the campground and on into the Ocala National Forest, which is just outside of our doorway. I was feeling so good that, as I was walking through the forest, I started trotting. Wrong move! I tripped over a small root on the path and went down hard right onto my face. One of my upper front teeth broke off at the gumline and cut through my upper lip, coming out on the outside. Ten stitches later, seven on the outside and three on the inside, I was able to leave the hospital emergency room. Just a month ago, when back in Michigan, I fell twice on the ice landing on my face each time while walking Sunshine. I has stopped running because of my knees and now will add because of falling. Is this a "getting older" thing? Whatever - maybe I will learn before I really get hurt, huh? Today is a much better day so I will take advantage of it by enjoying what faculties I still have!

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