Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16 and 17, 2009 Anderson, IN to Mulberry Grove, IL

We spent yesterday loafing and lallygagging. We were discussing the fact that we feel so tired. We came to the conclusion that we had been planning (plotting?) this trip for so long that, once it arrived, we were exhausted. The campground that we were located in was very nice - green and lots of birds. There were two Shetland ponies lazing our our rear window. It was great to walk and listen and smell the area - fresh, springlike and green. We even saw Daffodils and Tulips in peoples' yards. There was the smell of freshly cut grass throughout the area, too. Today we traveled from Anderson, IN to Mulberry, IL. This is just off I-70 and about 50 miles from St. Louis. We had dinner in Vandella, IL tonight and will return tomorrow as this was the first state capital of Illinois - maybe back in Lincoln's time. The last two days have been sunny and warm. Hopefully this will last a while but it is springtime and there is a blizzard working its way this way from Denver. We leave here Sunday and are probably going to stay in the Casino campground in East St. Louis, IL. This is reportedly a nice park right on the Mississippi River, right across the river from the St. Louis Arch. That should be a great night-time shot with our trusty digital camera. If so, we will post it. We are probably staying in the St Louis area for a couple of days or so and then slowly making our way westward to Kansas City, where we will meet up with some MOC friends. It may take us a week to travel the 250 miles between St. Louis and KC. We were on the road for five hours today and don't want to do that any more.

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