Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009 E. St Louis, IL to Columbia, MO

Today was a travel day from East St. Louis, IL to Columbia, MO, just a short 125 mile jaunt along I-70. The wind never stopped when we were in St. Louis and seems to have picked up even stronger here in Columbia. Our Weather Bug says it is blowing steady at 25 MPH with gusts up to 40 MPH. We truly are Rockin' and Rollin' without the music. It seems like Missouri is trying to blow us out of their state. We have news for it, though. We have too much to see and do before leaving next week some time. Carol broke a tooth last night and we are hoping to make it to Independence/Kansas City before seeing a dentist, hopefully with a recommendation from friends. We are set up at Cottonwoods RV Park, in Columbia. This is a clean, nice park and the Park Manager met us and checked us in. She was really nice and helpful. We have had great luck with campgrounds on this trip. The people at the Casino Queen campground that we just left couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Tomorrow we go to Booneville, MO to try to find the mating farm where Anheiser-Busch sends its Clydesdales for breeding. This Central Time Zone is difficult for us to get used to. It doesn't seem like one hour would make that much of a difference but it seems to. One more change will come when we get into the Mountain Time Zone in a couple of weeks.

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