Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009 Kansas City, MO

This day was rainy and cold and followed days of sun and temps in the lower 80s. Yesterday, the rains began in earnest with high winds and loud thunderboomers. There were tornado warnings and watches and a touchdown in nearby Kansas. Steve and Vicki Reigle, our friends from the MOC, showed us a photograph taken of the Kansas City Library that was most unusual. They asked if we wished to see it and so we went the few miles into neighboring Kansas City today and, through the rain and mist, we saw a beautiful city. The trees are now very green, in addition to the colored trees that we have reported on before. The library frontage covers an entire block and, except for the door, the walls are all reproductions of major tomes. We saw a former church that is being remade into a restaurant. In the front is a "bottle tree." This is a rack containing multiple bottles representing leaves that look like wine bottles. There is wall art throughout the downtown area. The Missouri River flows through town and is swollen and full of flotsam and jetsam from the torrential rains and melting snows. Sculpture and fountains also dot the street scene throughout the area, too. Our friends who became very generous hosts are pictured in the renovated Union Station, a train station that was constructed in 1914 and now also includes restaurants and shops. Kansas City Jazz, which was the start of much of today's jazz, is still being blown in the 18Th and Vine area. This is an old part of this storied city on the Missouri that is still going strong. Tomorrow we go to St. Joseph where we will learn about Jesse James and the Pony Express and who knows what else. We are thinking about adding some of Montana to our trip, around the area of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

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